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Green Fees

2016 Fiyat Listesi

Fiyat 18 Yaş Altı
Yıllık Paket 4.500 TL 2.750 TL
Hafta İçi 18 Çukurluk Greenfee + Buggy 200 TL 125 TL
Hafta Sonu 18 Çukurluk Greenfee + Buggy 250 TL 150 TL
Hafta İçi 9 Çukurluk Academy Corse 90 TL 55 TL
Hafta Sonu 9 Çukurluk Academy Corse 110 TL 70 TL
Jeton 10 TL 10 TL
Trolley 10 TL 10 TL
Aile Paketi (Karı-Koca) 8.000 TL
Aile Paketi Addon (Karı-Koca + 10-18 Yaş Çocuk) 10.250 TL
  • Buggies are not allowed in the Academy Course.
  • Prices include VAT.
  • Buggies are to be shared by two players.
  • Weekend rates apply during public holidays.
  • Dress code: Depending on the weather players can wear collared or turtleneck-style golf shirts.  No jeans are allowed.


Thank you in advance for conscientiously following our rules, basics of golf etiquette, and for treating all members of our staff with the utmost respect. We hope you enjoy the day.