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President's Message


Dear Members,

In a conference, I attended in the late 1990s, Mr. İlber Ortaylı described the details of Ottoman Architecture; "Grace next to modesty, simplicity next to spendour" this sentence has never left my mind.

When I joined İGK 22 years ago, I made new friendships and became familiar with golf and the etiquette of the game.

All IGK members are equal, we have only our golf handicaps as identity or social interactions that bring us together at the club.

Dear Friends,

We have been waiting since 2012, sometimes we are excited for what the future holds, sometimes frustrated, we continuously think, what will happen, how will it happen, will it ever happen? This period of mixed feelings we are about to leave behind.

Within the 300-acre piece of land all parties are working hard to provide us with a comprehensive design to include a clubhouse, a golf training centre and golf practice facility like no other in Turkey. Providing a club that will feel like a second home to all of our members.

Now our target is to start the countdown to all of our projects.

Our plan is to provide advantageous opportunities for our members where they can play golf together outside of Istanbul and within Istanbul and to be able to interact with each other through our sponsored tournaments and social activities.

I would like to thank all of you for your trust in me as we move into a new era for IGK and I would like to thank Mrs. Caroline Koç for her faith in me and I will be working with all my strength to carry the flag that I have taken over.

Selim Erguder