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Honorary President

Mustafa V. Koc ( 1960 - ∞ )


Born on 29 October 1960 as a Republic Day baby, Mustafa V. Koc, left this world as a "Gentleman of the Republic" on 21 January 2016 at the age of 55, leaving indescribable emotions in the hearts of all the citizens of Turkey, whether they knew him or not.

What made Mustafa V. Koc a different person was not just his financial position, his name recognition throughout the world, his support for different social issues and stewardship of social projects, his democratic worldview, commitment to republican principles, philanthropy, smiling face or humility. Despite the heavy demands of his business and social commitments, he was one of those rare people who also had a number of hobbies.

He embraced all his hobbies wholeheartedly, raising them to the highest amateur levels. However, golf had a special place in his life. He became acquainted with golf in the 1970s at the Istanbul Golf Club in Maslak. Because golf had made such an impression on him, following a long break due to education first in Switzerland and then in the US, and then his work life, in 1995 he began golfing again at the Istanbul Golf Club. However, this time there was no break in his golfing – such that he continued until the 21st of January 2016 with the same excitement and passion.

For him, golf was a different world, a passion, even a philosophy of life. He was a golfer with a low handicap, and even with all the demands of his work, followed world golfing closely. He followed, was fascinated by, and knowledgeable about, all past Ryder Cup champions and captains, Open, Masters, US Open, and PGA Championships, promising young players, and developments and trends in golf.

Mustafa V. Koc was the Chairman of our club from 1998-2004 and 2010-2016, and from 2005-2009 was its Captain. He was a leader who changed the vision and mission of our club and who made great contributions to its development. Furthermore, in 2000 and between 2005-2007, he was the Captain for the Turkish-Greek Friendship Cup, and from 1997-2002 for the National Golf Club.

In addition to his financial and other countless contributions to our club, he led the foundation and development of the Turkish Golf Federation and greatly assisted in the development of golf in Turkey. He made possible and sponsored countless international and national tournaments. Beko remains the longest continuous sponsor of the PGAs of Europe. From 1998 - 2001 he was the main sponsor of the Beko Senior Tour, in 2012 he co-sponsored the THY World Golf Finals, and between 2013-2015 the Turkish Airlines Open. The Beko Classic Pro-Am that he started in 1996, worked hard for, that has continued uninterrupted to the present, and which held a special place in his heart, has become the most prestigious pro-am tournament in Europe. Working as Turkey's Golf Ambassador to the world, and because of his contributions to the sport of golf, in 2014 he received the PGAs of Europe Special Recognition Award.

As a firm believer in, and supporter of, the development of the sport, and in the importance of sport in the success of young people, he launched the M.V.K. Junior program at the Istanbul Golf Club. 

Mustafa V. Koç was a member of the Istanbul Golf Club and its honorary Chairman,  was also a member of National Golf Club and is now an honorary president of National GC, a founding member of the Kemer G &CC, a member of the Bodrum Golf Club, and the first Turkish member to be admitted to the St. Andrews Royal & Ancient Golf Club. 

Our eternal Chairman, who left us too soon, was distinguished as much by the things he wanted to do for the Istanbul Golf Club and for the sport as by what he accomplished. Our duty is to perpetuate his legacy, realize his dreams, and go forward in a way that befits the 120-year history of our club.

We remember him with affection and gratitude.